Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lord Horatio comments on cost

I see Wahj is approaching the same problems as me.
Too much to do and too little time to accomplish all objectives.

In my case the demands are a little different, but the balancing act is similar.
The three competitors for my time are - in order of success:

Family: In particular 3 growing sons.
I am concious that I am a prime influence on their lives and attitudes beyond the traditional role of providing food and shelter for them.
They are all at different stages of learning.
The 2 elder ones are also excellent at sports for their age groups.
My involvement is one of encouraging them to participate and discover their talents.
To hand on wisdom as best I can - play fair, don't quit too soon, respect others, and take hard decisions to do the right thing.
I am aware that I have a few years to help them before they are off to make their own ways in then world, so they are a top priority.

Gaming: The hobby I love, but find it herder to coordinate modelling, collection, gaming and opponents.
The solution has been one of accepting the possible, but never forgettign to dream.
My recent accumulation of several thousand 20mm figures must be rated as a dream, I intend to paint and base them all, but it is a long term project.
Otherwise the shortage of time focuses me on fast play type rules, reading history books in small increments, and production line type painting.
I have few regrets about a diet of exclusively fast play rules.
There are some excellent rules available.
Perhaps the question should be "Where is the virtue in slow play rules".

Career: Strriking the balance between hard work, sufficient income and professional satisfaction.

Returning to Wahj's comments on cost - there is a price to everything.
Sometmes the cost is hard cash, but often the cost is wasted time.
When we aspire to be like the great commanders of history we would do well to remember the role of Logistics and Time Management.

As a schoolboy, I could afford to spend a whole days of my weekend on a pointless slow play game which had barely started before we tidied up. I could not afford the 80 pence for 2 additional boxes of Airfix soldiers without halting all other spending or 2 months.
Today it would be a major arrangement to spend a whole day gaming.
One which would cost me a fortnight of compensation in domestic duties and time spent with the 3 sons.
On the other hand I can happily spend 40 pounds on gaming materials and barely blnk an eye.
The relative balance between time and money has move

As a gamer I am amazed how cheap the hobby is in financial terms.
A friend who is an occasional mountain biker seems to spend about £150 per month on new gadgets and enhancements to his kit.
(Currently getting body armour to protect him from high speed falls).
A workmate spends about twice that on his vintage motorcycle and social events with his fellow enthusiasts.
The latest hand held games console osts just under £200 - which would purchase sufficient ancient armies for a campaign.

In financial terms, wargaming is a relatively inexpensive hobby.
Compared to real war, it is an absolute bargain.
Ask my namesake, war cost him and arm, and eye, and finally his life.