Saturday, August 13, 2005

I wonder how many first posts are like this

Just signed up and found myself on a very nice looking front page with little clue how to make stuff appear, or indeed find out if there's already any content here.

The web can be like this sometimes.
It reminds me of the early days of MUDs where one would sign up and spend 30 minutes walking about the village square unable to do much at all.

I'm sure I'll get the hang of it in time.


Blogger Lord-Horatio said...

OK that wasn't too difficult.

I thought I would begin with a little bit about who I am and what wargaming means to me.

I like in Glasgow - Scotland and have been a wargamer with minitaures for over 30 years now.
I find the hobby combines gaming, modelmaking, collecting, and the study of history and wargames rules.

Having 3 sons at home, and a busy job, I have relatively little time for the hobby, and feel I have neglected if for many years. The little men can wait, but the boys are growing up fast.

The situation as a time constrained patent is not unusual, and we make compromises to accomodate the hobby.

I was once a penniless schoolboy, who would save up a month's pocket money and buy a box of Airfix figures (40p) and a tin of Humbrol enamel paint (16p for normal - 19p for the "Authentic Colours" range.

The peniless schoolboy could devote huge amouts of time to playing battles with unwieldy rules.
The time constrained dad prefers fast playing rules, and simple to model armies. - I'll expand on these in a later posting.

I'm not sure that the peniless schoolboy exists in the UK any more. Not to judge by the hordes buying prepium price kead and accessories at GW and the like.

I consider it a good thing that kids have some more spending power - I hope they are spared some of the more futile experiences of my childhood.

Of course a monied youth brings changes. They are generally undiscerning customers, cannon fodder for a glossy marketing job.

Sections of the hobby industry thrive on that custom.

Well, I suspect a long ramble will make bad reading, so I'll cut it short there.
The time Vs money balance is a tough one for the hobby.
I like to think that I'll be able to retire early and have sufficient to live and hobby of both time and money.
I hope brains and bodies hold up so that we can enjoy that time ahead.

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